Plait Community Care Management

Plait is a next generation community care management solution, incorporating recruitment, care scheduling, medication administration, attendance monitoring and financial management. Truly multi-platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone), Plait is the culmination of years of experience in designing and delivering IT platforms for social care providers.

Plait is built on open source technologies, and, when it is all production ready, it will be open sourced itself. That means that you don’t necessarily need to be dependent on reallycare CIC (unless you want to be) and can make whatever changes you want to the software.

The following modules are already available and in live use, with the remainder in various stages of development:


A slick, automated way of managing applicants and the complete recruitment workflow

Medication Management

Comprehensive medication administration, in the office and at the point of care via our mobile app for care workers

If you would like to be a part of this project, perhaps with a view to implementing Plait
​at your care organisation, please contact us.

Better Care Guide

​The Better Care Guide is a website which allows the public to search for care providers and comment on the care that they have experienced. It is the only site of its kind that covers the whole of the UK, and the only one that is open source. And it’s free to everyone, including providers.

Volunteer Manager

Our first product was web software for managing volunteering organisations such as our own YouAngel community, which we have taken the decision to suspend indefinitely though we are keen to develop it further with partners in the public and third sectors (with a view to it becoming an open-source platform).