I had the idea for this blog post a few months ago, but (typically) didn’t put pen to paper - or whatever the modern equivalent is. In the last couple of weeks I have been prodded twice - once by an excellent blog post entitled What makes residential care good? and today when I heard that one of the proposed “official” quality indicators for both residential and domiciliary care is a measurement of staff turnover.

My thinking is that staff turnover is a key indicator in all businesses, and that it would be beneficial to many groups if staff turnover figures were to be made public on every corporate website (at /staff-turnover.html perhaps). So far as I can see this would be in the interests of the business themselves, their customers and potential customers, their staff and their potential staff and even recruitment consultants (who would doubtless try and place people where the turnover was highest to maximise their profits). My proposed metric, which would be reported every quarter, would be “what percentage of the workforce of 3 months ago is still employed by you?”.

As I say I have been thinking about it for quite a while and have discussed it with several people and so far nobody has come up with a reason not to do this. So I have taken a first step. Let’s see if it will catch on….