reallycare CIC are pleased to announce a new partnership deal with Bloomsbury Home Care, which will enable accelerated delivery of the full Plait Care Management solution. Supported by reallycare, Bloomsbury are currently rolling out the cloud-based Plait Medication Management module across all of their services (including the mobile app for care workers), and will then upgrade to the full solution.

Nick Christodoulou, CEO of Bloomsbury, said “We recognised the need to modernise our care management systems and believe we have found the ideal partner in reallycare. By getting involved at this stage, we’ll be able to influence the development direction and ensure we get the solution we need to take us forward. One key advantage for us is that care managers will be able to get instant alerts relating to medication issues and deal with them as they arise, and no longer rely on paper MAR sheets.”

Mark Chapman, CEO of reallycare CIC said “We are delighted that Nick and the Bloomsbury team share our vision for the next generation of care management software, and grateful for the confidence they have shown by committing to reallycare. We are talking to a number of other care providers about this project, and of course the more that get involved, the faster we can deliver the solutions they need”.

About Bloomsbury Home Care

Bloomsbury provide home care and support to older and disabled people living in their own homes across Essex, Suffolk, the West Midlands, Lincolnshire and the home counties. CEO Nick Christodoulou has been a leader in the UK home care industry for 25 years, establishing Primrose Care in 1992, and going on to run Bupa’s home care division (comprising Primrose, Goldsborough and Helping Hands) before selling it to Nestor BNA in 2002.